Discovery Time Thursday’s

St Mary's 'Mary Wonders' Transition Class joined in at Discovery Time

Our Transition Class joined in at Discovery Time

is a 60 minute programme that we have started in our Junior room once a week, on Thursday afternoons from 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm. It provides opportunities for the teacher to meet the diverse needs of students.

There is a focus for each day, which may target a specific area of the key competencies:

  • managing self
  • relating to others
  • participating and contributing
  • thinking
  • using text and symbols

The students choose any of these activities during that 90 minutes but there is always one activity that is essential. A vital part of Discovery Time is reflecting on their learning, which is done after each session.

Why are we Doing it?

Students need opportunities to:

  • direct their own learning
  • participate in new experiences
  • encounter new challenges
  • extend existing skills
  • work co-operatively
  • interact socially
  • problem-solve creatively

So Far… the

  • kids love it!!!
  • parents helping are enjoying themselves
  • learning is happening in a fun way ie measuring while cooking and sewing, investigating by pulling apart an old video machine, building skills while constructing

What Our Students are Saying!

My favourite thing at Discovery Time was the Playdough, because I made different animals. I made a snail and so did my friend.  Summer

My favourite station at Discovery Time is Deconstruction and Reconstruction because we got to totally annihilate my video player. We couldn’t put it back together after we’d undone all the screws and cut the wires.  Ellery



Discovery Photos
Here is a slide show of some of the things we have been doing so far in 2014



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