Costs and School Uniform

We’d like to provide some information for parents who are considering us as an option for their child’s education.

The main pieces of information here is on the certain costs that may be part of joining our school.
If you have read this and have any queries please contact our principal – Alan McInally who is more than happy to talk with you around any questions you may have. – we’d love you to join us.

How Much are the School Fees?

This varies a little from year to year.  Stationery is approx. $50 per student each year. Activities fees $30 per student each year and Donation $20 per student or $30 per family each year.  The donation can be claimed back from the IRD as donations.

If your child decides to be part of a sports team, then sports subs of between $20 – $50 need to be paid. This varies depending on the sport and how many players are in each team.

During the year you may be asked to help with transport, if you can or sometimes a small charge towards a trip is asked for.
Events such as our school swimming programme and subscriptions to sports teams are additional costs.

Our school PTA assist with some of the costs of our school swimming programme which runs over 10 sessions in the pool.

Attendance Dues

The Diocese of Dunedin charges an attendance due which goes mainly toward the upkeep of our buildings. These are paid direct to the Diocese and are separate from the School fees. These amount to $400 annually but the Diocese have a policy that no child should be denied education at our school. If you are concerned with the dues we have discrete measures in place to greatly reduce these. Simply contact the principal for a confidential discussion.

Preference Information

Preference status at our school means that you have some link to a Catholic background. Our parish priest Father Cipriano is very positive in working through this with families. We have a non preference status also which means that a child has no link to the Catholic faith.
There is no obligation to be of a Catholic faith to attend our school and we are very keen to raise the number of children who are of non preference status in our school.
Attendance at a Catholic school at the primary year level also guarantees enrolment at Kavanagh College as a Year 7 student.


Our uniform is the Catholic School uniform for the Dunedin area.  We expect our full uniform to be worn to and from school each day.  These can be purchased from The Warehouse or  There are also some second hand uniforms in the school office for purchase. Please ensure all clothing is clearly named as it all looks alike.
You can see from the photos on this page the different uniform options we have during different times of the year.

Jacquie our office administrator has a second hand uniform selection available.
They can range from near new, really tidy pieces of our uniform to some items that might require a little bit of stitching here and there. She takes a donation matching the condition of the item which can usually range between $10 and $20.

Winter uniform - other option

Winter uniform – other option

Winter uniform for boys and girls

Winter uniform for boys and girls


Summer uniform for boys and girls


White blouse, Catholic School Pinafore, white socks, black shoes


Great shirt, grey shorts, grey socks, black shoes

Both boys and girls

Royal blue jersey and/or navy blue monogrammed polar fleece (purchased from school office $45), navy blue trackpants are optional for winter, black/brown footwear.

Sun Hats

All children require sunhats when outside during terms 1 and 4. These are available from the school office for $15.00 or from the warehouse.

Sports Uniforms

All students are given a sports uniform for the year, for a hire fee of $5. These need to be handed back at the end of the year or when your child leaves. A replacement cost will be charged if these are lost or damaged.

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