Our School.

St Mary’s Dunedin is a small Catholic school located in Wakari Dunedin. Our small class sizes allow children in years 1 to 6 to learn in a well-supported and family like environment.  

Our experienced teachers know that children learn best when they feel accepted, when they enjoy positive relationships with other learners and teachers, and when they are able to be active, and visible members of the learning community.

Underpinning our strength based curriculum is the desire for every child to reach their full potential. To support this, we use a school wide approach to structured literacy. We offer explicit, systematic teaching that focuses on phonological awareness, word recognition, phonics and decoding, spelling, and syntax at the sentence and paragraph levels across all year levels. We screen all children when they arrive at school as a baseline for development.

Our multi-level classes mean that children stay with the same teacher which develops a strong relationship and also means the teacher becomes very familiar with individual learner strengths and needs. Our small classes mean that all children get the support they need, when they need it. All of our teachers are trained to identify and support the needs of our dyslexic children.


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