Our School Programme

Jesus Promoted Love And because of this we’ll …


  • Treat each other with dignity
  • Prioritise Religious Education, Literacy and Numeracy


Turning St Mary's curriculum upside down - children lying in a circle with photo taken above them.

Turning our curriculum upside down.




During our afternoon, we’ll turn our curriculum ‘upside down’ to guarantee your child/ren are eager to come to school.


By… Contextual Learning

  • Hands on Learning
    -mechanical,- scientific
  • Environmental Sustainability
    – paper recycling to make combustible fuel, veggie garden skills, food technology
  • Science Learning through Experimentation
    – compressed air experiments, chemical reaction, experiments, powering, circuits – switches, pulleys and weight-loading
  • ICT Development
    Theory Learning Sessions to complement practical sessions.


This learning is Inquiry driven through individual child interest not learning areas.

Lead question: “What do I want to spend the next three weeks learning about?”

To… Achieve

Child centered meaningful learning outcomes.


All learning experiences require learners to be  numerate and literate.

Learners are more motivated towards using and developing these skills when they feel actively engaged.


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