Aspire Awards

St Mary’s Kaikorai Aspire Awards

We Aspire To Be All We Can Be


To raise our children’s awareness of what makes a valuable all-round citizen, we have this year established our school-wide Aspire Programme.  The awards are based on three inspiring New Zealanders, who strove to succeed in different types of undertakings and overcame obstacles along the way.

St Mary's Kaikorai Dame Whena Cooper Aspire Award

The Dame Whena Cooper Award for recognition of Helping, Caring, Honesty.

Dame Whena Cooper devoted her life to helping others and showing love through the peaceful way she went about trying to improve the lives of others.


  • I show I care for others by using my manners and speaking politely to everyone I meet.
  • I help others by being aware of their feelings and trying to make them feel part of our school family.
  • I am honest with myself and others and take responsibility for my actions by trying to put things right if I need to.
  • I show I care for people by accepting differences in others and show forgiveness through my actions.
  • I show strong leadership in the playground.
  • I value and contribute to my school community.


St Mary's School Kaikorai Sir Edmund Hillary Aspire AwardThe Sir Edmund Hillary Award for recognition of cultural and sporting involvement.

Sir Edmund Hillary pushed himself to achieve everything that he was capable of achieving. He understood the importance of never giving up and doing his best at all times.


  • I am a positive team member when I am part of a group or team.
  • I push myself to achieve to the best of my ability in things that I do.
  • I enjoy playing in a team with others and involve myself in sports.
  • I show fairness and good sportsmanship in everything that I do.
  • I am prepared to involve myself in new things or activities with a positive attitude.
  • I contribute to the cultural make up of the school.
  • I embrace and respect the different cultures in our school.


St Mary's Kaikorai Sir Earnest Rutherford Aspire AwardThe Sir Ernest Rutherford Award for recognition for academic effort and achievement.

Sir Ernest Rutherford was a scientist who worked very hard pushing himself in his learning to develop amazing discoveries for humans in how science is used now.


  • I accept responsibility for my learning in class and use my time sensibly.
  • I complete my learning to the best of my ability.
  • I understand my learning goals and push myself to try and achieve them.
  • I use my time sensibly in class to complete my learning tasks.
  • I strive to achieve over and above what is expected of me.