Our Vision and Beliefs

Education in Faith

We are Catholic and Christian in our beliefs and faith. The Word of the God is central to our decision making and teaching practices.

We incorporate the values of respect, honesty and helping; and these are displayed in our classrooms.

The concept of dignity is something we also promote. We express the view that all people need to be treated with dignity regardless of their individualism.

The school has regular school masses and liturgies. Prayer begins and ends the day. Each class takes turns to lead assembly.

We support the Parish preparation for the sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation, and Eucharist.

Mission Statement

St Mary’s School promotes excellence in teaching and learning in a climate of faith and pastoral care within the parish community of St Mary’s.

Vision Statement

Together we strive to become confident, creative, life long learners who follow Christ.

Our Beliefs

Learning is most effective when learners are:

  • Encouraged to recognise Jesus in themselves and others.
  • Valued for their personal uniqueness, talents, skills and culture.
  • Striving to work alongside others in an atmosphere of co-operation, respect and  reflection.
  • Challenged to develop independent questioning and thinking skills.
  • Involved in decision making about their learning.

    St Mary's Values

    The community were consulted on the key values the believe should be reflected in our school. All of these responses were put into a wordal and of that the three overriding common ones were honesty, respect and helping.

  • Given literacy and numeracy skills to ensure success in communication.

Our Values

Our beliefs are expressed as valuing uniqueness, developing an atmosphere of co-operation and respect, and the celebration of independent thinkers who make decisions about their learning.

Poster board of the 2013 Year of Faith

In the words of Pope Francis… Crossing the threshold of faith challenges us to discover that although it seems today that death reigns in its various forms and that history is ruled by the law of the most powerful or the most cunning; and although hatred and ambition operate as driving forces of so many human struggles, nevertheless, we are absolutely and decisively convinced that this sad reality can change and must change, because ‘if God is for us, who can be against us?’ (Rom 8:31, 37)

St Vincent De Paul

Seniors are also part of the St Vincent de Paul Youth Organisation and as such take part in a number of charity ventures, e.g visiting the elderly, helping them as required, and collecting for the needy.

We regularly visit the Little Sisters and share with them what we have been doing in school.