Sacred Space Inquiry

In February 2012 we began the task of planting out our sacred space with shrubs. It was a great exercise for everyone to be involved in for our pupils and we were very happy with the final layout of our hedge of shrubs when we finished.

We then began the process of cutting frames and making concrete to bed 6 wooden benches into our Sacred Space. We enjoyed the different tasks from nailing frames, digging out areas for the hard fill and concrete, inserting steel reinforcing rods and then finally mixing the concrete, spreading it and finally screening it off.

We finally cemented an encased statue of Our Lady as the centre piece of the Sacred Space. We use it for different purposes as well as prayer and liturgy and enjoyed an opening on it with Father Cipriano and our school family parents.


View our “legomation” podcast of this project followed by a set of photos showing what we did.


Sacred Space


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1 idea clay model of sacred spaceJune 21 2011

Update by Sofia and Moli

We have measured out how big our sacred space is going to be – we are trying to keep it in a 4 m x 4 m boundary.

Mr Robertson handed us a survey where we had to answer simple questions like how big, what is it made off etc.

We asked for feedback from the community and got back a good response and lots and lots of ideas.

We have narrowed it down to two places, both near Father Hercus’s house. That way our Priests can use it too.

We made  models of what we wanted out of clay and popsicle sticks.

We have been researching about what materials what we want to use. The research has been done in our library and using the internet.

another idea of sacred space as a clay model







Feb 17 2011

Introducing Ellery and Sofia, the website updaters.

This year for our Inquiry unit we decided to develop a Sacred Space here at St Marys Kaikorai.

The purpose of our Sacred Space is a place to talk to God, to deepen our relationship with God. A place were we can reflect and relax. We will share this with the Parish Community and it will be a permanent part of St Marys Kaikorai.

This term we have had Rhys from Opus helping us to develop this. We survey the school community to find out what was sacred to them, and to our school.

Part of our process was to apply for jobs, ie website updaters, newsletter reporters, minute secretary etc.

We had to come up with initials designs and submit them for our class to view.

In our discoveries on how to develop and build things, we took an excursion to the new stadium on Anzac Ave.

We have narrow it down to 2 possible locations within our school, in doing this we have got our measurements sorted.

Please view our powerpoints and comment on them.

Construction Site Visit

stadium visit

Finding something Sacred in our school

Sacred tree

An ideal place to pray

an ideal place

Learning with Rhys



letter to community

IPENZ premission form