Sporting opportunities

We offer sporting options for children during all terms throughout the year. The school owns a large set of sports uniforms and these are issued out to children for a fee of $5 during their time at school with us.

Terms 1 & 4
We enter a team in the Dunedin Schools competition. Any interested children aged from 5 to 9 are able to play in this competition. Cost per season is usually around $30

We have entered a team in the local Futsal competition in the past and if players are interested but we don’t have sufficient numbers we are able to combine with another school. Cost is around $40 for each part of the season (ie $40 for Term 1 and $40 for Term 4). This is normally available to Year 3-6 players.


We usually enter a Year 4/6 team in the Dunedin schools competition. At times we include some Year 3 children to increase player numbers. The cost is normally $20 for each part of the season.


Terms 2 & 3

We enter a hockey team in the Dunedin schools competition and of late have been entering two teams. Children aged 5-7 are able to play in the Yr 3/4 section and children aged 8-11 can play in the Yr 4/6 hockey section. The cost is normally around $40 for the season.

We enter a team in this basketball Otago competition and players Yrs 3-6 are able to play. The cost is usually around $30 per season.


Also Offered throughout the Year

Involvement in Yr 3/4 & Yr 5/6 cricket festival
Yr 6 Kavanagh College Sports Day
Sports Activator Coaching (Golf, Rippa Rugby, Tennis)
Various sporting codes coming into school, teaching and showcasing what they offer
Zone Athletic Sports/Cross Country
Sport Otago – Have a go day and Fundamental skills programme.
PMP in the junior classroom


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